Infrared Polar Bear

Infrared Polar Bear

World of Warmth: Infrared Polar Bear

@MythBusters: #ScienceFact: Due to their transparent fur, the body of a polar bear cannot be detected by infrared cameras.

One of the usernames I register on sites is sneezypb. It was meant to represent “Sneezy da’Polar Bear” a name I used in chat rooms in the ’90s. In 1996, my family traveled to Orlando in Florida to watch some soccer games for the Olympics that year. While there, we spent the week to also go to Seaworld, Universal Studios, and other attractions. (We stayed from Disney.) One of the things Seaworld offered at the time was a behind the scenes tour of the Arctic exhibit. I learned a lot of things about polar bears then. The two which resonated with me at the time.

  • Polar bear skin is black.
  • The fur is transparent (not white). They appear white because of the refraction of the light.

My skin is black. People sometimes get confused and think I am white.

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